Case Study : Tool Design For Body Side Program

Client : Automotive Line-Builder
Requirement : Accommodate 8 Car Variants In The Same Line Making The Adaptive Design Fairly Complex

Value Add From Creative :

  • Took Complete Responsibility Of Program Management
  • 17,600 Hours Of Effort In 3 Months Delivered
  • Implemented Process Change To Accommodate 2 Variants On A Common Tool, Resulting In Significant Saving On Using A Turntable
  • Suggested Process Changes Resulted In Simple Loading Station And Improved Cycle Time

Tools Used :

  • Robcad
  • FactoryCAD

Value Delivered To Customer

Engineering Cost Savings
  • 34% Engineering Cost Savings
  • 90% Of The Project Was Executed In India
  • Onsite Support Provided During Concept Phase And OLP
Design Time Reduced
  • 18% Design Time Reduced
  • 2 Shift Operation At Creative India (18Hrs/Day)
Process Cost Savings
  • 9% Process Cost Savings
  • Use Of Common Tools Saving The Cost Of 1 Turn-Table Unit
  • Simplified Tools Due To Changes In Process