CFD Analysis Of Swing Valve Gate


  • To Conduct A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation Of Swing Gate Valve For The Given Loading And Boundary Condition, To Understand The Flow Characteristics And Turbulence In The Valve For 90% Closed Condition.

Inputs Provided

  • 3D Model Of Assembly , Pictures Of Problematic Swing Valve Gate.
Software Ansys-CFX

Our Solution

  • CFD Analysis Highlighted That In The 90% Closed Position, The Flow In The Valve Was Concentrated Only In The 10 – 25% Of The Outlet Area, This Was Mainly Due To High Velocity Flow From Gap Region
  • The Root Cause Was Identified As The Low Pressure Area In The Gap Which Resisted The Closing Motion Of The Swing Valve And Caused HugeRecirculation Zones In The Second Chamber
  • Recommendation Was Given To Increase The Length Of The Second Chamber Which Relaxed The Recirculation Zones

Value Delivered to Customer

Faster turn around for Analysis activity 2 Shift Operation At Creative India (18 Hrs /Day)
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