Closures Stiffness Evaluation

Customer’s Objective

Provide Support For Door Stiffness Calculations (Sash, Waist, Regulator Mounting, Alignment Quality, Outer Panel Tensile, Torsional, Lateral, Flexural, Uplift And Bottom Edge Stiffness, Wiper Mounting Durability)

Inputs Provided

  • Baseline Full Vehicle NVH Model
  • CAD Data For Evaluation Of Critical Locations
  • Input Data And Output Required
Software Hypermesh 11.0, Hyperview 11.0, ANSA 13.2, MSC Nastran

Our Solution

  • Developed Finite Element Model Of CAD Data, Trim, Refined The Local Area And Performed Analysis Setup To Meet The OEM’s Requirements For Each Of The Door Stiffness Loadcases Using Hypermesh, ANSA
  • Undertook Analysis Using MSC Nastran
  • Debugged And Post-Processed The Results Using Hyperview
  • Reported Force Vs Deflection And Critical Output Data For Each Of The Load-Cases To Meet The OEM’s Requirement
  • Reported Displacement Contour Plots And Assessed The Results Based On OEM Requirements
  • Suggested And Performed Iterations To Meet The Target Values

Value Delivered To Customer

Faster Turn Around For Analysis Activity 2 Shift Operation At Creative India (18 Hrs /Day)
Engineering Cost Saving All The CAE Activities Performed At Offshore Low Cost Center