Design And Thickness Optimization Of Valves


Design And Thickness Optimization Of Temperature Controlled Valves For The Hydrostatic Pressure Exerted During The Fluids Mixing And Diverting Depending On Their Temperatures

Inputs Provided

  • 2D Drawings , Pictures Of Problematic Valves
Software Ansys

Our Solution

  • 3D Modeling Of Valves With The Existing 2D Drawings.
  • Vary The Thickness Of The Cast Valve For The Normal And Extreme Operating Conditions Depending On The Stresses In The Wall Of The Valve
  • Predicted The Minimum Acceptable Wall Thickness That Will Withstand The Working Hydrostatic Pressure In The Valve With Allowances For Fatigue Caused Pressure Variations In The Valve In Service.

Value Delivered to Customer

Reduction in Thickness And Cost Average Cost reduced by 23%
Faster turn around for Analysis activity 2 shift operation at Creative India (18 Hours /day)
Engineering Cost saving Majority of CAE work was performed In low cost country.