Exterior Trims – Bumper Fascia Design And Development

Customer’s Objective

Develop The Front Bumper Fascia Assembly For A German OEM Passenger Car

Inputs Provided

  • Style Surfaces
  • CAD And Other Reference Documents Of The Benchmark Model
  • Cad Data Of All Environment Parts and Carryover Parts
  • List/Information Of All The Main Suppliers
  • Homologation Requirements
  • OEM Engineering Specifications
  • 2D/3D Data And Technical Specifications
  • Design Validation Requirements

Our Solution

  • Style Feasibility; Gap And Flushness Analysis
  • Master Section Creation And RPS Points Definitions
  • Concept Generation
  • Detailed Engineering (DFM And DFA)
  • Virtual Prototype Assembly Creation And DMU Analysis
  • Tolerance Stack Up Analysis
  • BOM Creation
  • Proto Type Model Release
  • Incorporating The Feedback From Proto And New Style
  • Release For Manufacturing With Drawings
  • Support Optimization Phase

Value Delivered To Customer

Tooling And Assembly Cost Reduction Of 4.5% Standardization Of Parts, Simplified Design For DFA/DFM. (Reduced TACT Time And Tools)
Faster Turn-around 2 Shift Operation At Creative India (18 Hrs /Day)
Significant Engineering Cost Saving Majority Of CAD And CAE Work Was Performed In India.