Parts Standardization Of Fasteners

Customer’s Objective

  • Create Parts Library (~10,000) In Solid Edge ST4 For Different Standard Components
  • Standard Components Include Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Screws.

Inputs Provided

  • Dimensional Details For Each Standard Component
  • Standards To Be Followed
  • SOLIDEDGE Template

Our Solution

  • Study The Input Files
  • Creation Of All Components As Per The Input Dimensions And Standards To Be Followed In Solid Edge ST4.
  • Creation Of Excel Based Parts Library For Easy Tractability
  • Creative Created ~10000 Standard Components Of Different Type

Value Delivered to Customer

Faster Turn Around For Design Activity 2 Shift Operation At Creative India (18 Hours /Day)
Engineering Cost Saving Majority Of CAD And CAE Work Was Performed In Low Cost Country.
Parts Library The Family Of Fasteners Was Archived In The Single Parts Library For Ease In Use