Seating System – Structural Integrity

Customer’s Objective

Evaluate Seat Structure For FMVSS 207/210, Modal , Frontal And Rear Impact Requirements.

Inputs Provided

  • CAD Geometry
  • Bill Of Material
  • Connection Details

Our Solution

  • Baseline Simulation To Find Out The Failure Modes.
  • Design Iteration-1: Front End Of CSB Extended With Darts To Hold FMVSS 207/210 Loads
  • Design Iteration-2:
    • Pivot Bracket Modified To Provide Lateral Stiffness To Meet Modal Requirement.
    • Cushion Side Bracket Modified To Meet Rear Impact Requirement

Benefits to Customer:

  • Baseline Performance Evaluation
  • Design Recommendations For FMVSS 207/201, Modal, Front And Rear Impact Requirements.