Stiffness Evaluation Of BIW

Customer’s Objective

Stiffness Evaluation Of A Japanese Mid Size Sedan BIW For Finalizing Final Design

Inputs Provided

  • CAD Geometry
  • Bill Of Material
  • Weld Details
Software Hyperworks / ANSA, MSC Nastran

Our Solution

  • Model: Built Finite Element Model For The Entire Assembly Per Customer Specific Guidelines.
  • Model Consisted Of 11 Sub-assemblies : Instrument Panel, Hood Ledge, Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Body Side, Underbody, Air Box And Radcore.
  • Total Number Of Elements (NVH) : 600,000
  • Type Of Spot Welding : Mesh Independent Spot Weld (CDH)

Load Cases Analyzed:

  • Static:
    • Global Torsion, Front And Rear Torsion, ENCON Bending, Floor Pan Bending, Suspension Mount Pin And Strut Rigidity
  • Dynamic:
    • Suspension Mount Pin And Strut Rigidity, Engine Mount Rigidity, IP Cross Beam And Center Stay Mount Rigidity And Wiper Mount Rigidity

Value Delivered To Customer:

  • Significant Cost Savings And Faster Turnaround Time
  • Significant Improvements In Stiffness Based Design Recommendations